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So, Milliways.

There is one couch by the fire that is particularly squashy, with precisely enough room for a loose-limbed long-legged dead lady to sprawl out along it: one foot propped on the armrest, one trailing on the floor, her head against the other arm and her spine curled into the angle it makes with the cushions. Comfy.

At present, she appears to be sleeping. She also appears to be wearing a pair of bright scarlet stockings and a tight black dress just barely long enough to prevent the bar getting a good look at her underwear. As it is, the wine-red lace at the tops of both stockings is very much visible, as are the snaps of three out of four garters.
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The biggest couch by the fire is occupied.

The person sprawling there is wearing a purple velvet dress with short puffed sleeves and a long, heavy skirt. A rather attractive pair of feet, in sheer black stockings, are crossed at the ankle and propped up on one arm of the couch; the head leaning against the other arm has shoulder-length brown curls streaked with fading green, tucked back behind one ear to reveal a small pearl earring. No makeup. A glass of whiskey in one hand, a small bag of jelly beans in the other, and a pair of black shoes with low wedge heels perched on a couch cushion beside the feet they presumably came off of.


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